Saturday, April 30, 2011

arghhhh!!i m soso sorryy~!!

i've been sososososo damm lazyyyy for there few month right after dec of 201o=p
ahahaha new sem here=p
times flies~~its already 30th of i haven post anything yet in 2011...
from nw on i m going to post whats happened arnd me in these few month=p
reaaallii damm paixie for these late post=p

1st post~~awww i m going to start from my january~~

11th january__my 1 year anniversary wif my little cuttie felicia saw!
awww~~~~our anniversary were remind by facebook notification=p
we were in a relationship in fb for 1 yr already=3
p.s.even my bf oso ntyt 1 yr anniversary nia=p
ahaha so happy that our friendship nvr be affected even that we were seperate in different claz~~!yo!!
hope that we will celebrate our 2nd...3rd......4th..............n so on anniversary yea~!!
muacks~~!!!!!love ya felicia saw pei rou~~!!!

so~~we decided go sing k n celebrate~~~
ohya~we went to toilet bowl for lunch~those thing....hmm...nt realli nice compared to kimgary=p
~bt decogration nt bad ^^

in neway>>p.s.service sucks~!^^

random stuff>>yy n brian=pour memories~~~<3<3

more posts r coming up(for the past few month=.=)~^^stay tune~~

Sunday, December 19, 2010


early in the morning~~~~

jia ben came to my house~~
she say we go cheung k~~~
to celebrate my bday agn~~=p
welll~~the second day of bday^^

so we singsingsing~~~~
then we shout shout shout!!!
wat is this??"xiao zha bo"??!!!muahaha!!!

den after sing k....
we go shopping!!!!
yea i bought 3 new dresss n wif hweeeee~~~

propro come fetch us go home bath n ban lengleng!!
bcoz ltr kelly hoz gt xmas party~~~^^

arnd 7pm....
we went to kelly housee^^
we reach there almost 8pm d...
dunno hu say impossibble 1 hr de hoh????=p

k~~~reach there....
start to EAT!!!!
me n jia hwee already hungry untill almost faint!
come on babe EAT ARE LIFE!!!

after tat we chat there eat there drink there until arnd 9pm...
then kelly ask us to go in her a room.....
ask us stay inside....
they say wait hui ling reach~~~~
ok~~~we wait inside there...
& take some stupid pic~~=p

ANN bring her laptop n put infront of me....
she tel me there is a nice video to c....
the cover is projie mia lenglui pic~
i tot juz all pic of us~~

so when she open the video....
i almost cry out when i saw the video...
OMG!!u all record every1 of ur wishes!!!omg!!
even hui ling & my kai lui were inside oso~~!!
n when i tot the video was end....
1 person pop up...
my lougong yap wui lim!!
omg!!!u makes me come u r so serious in the video?
they all are like smiling n laughing in the video....u r so serious~~

when the videos ends....
suddenly every1 start singing bday song...
& a person holding a cake come in...
OMG!it was u!!
i tot u nt free to come??
such a big suprise a u alll!!!!hhee~~~the cake is ahyap special order the people make the cake 4 me 1!!!
9s ant???muahahaha!love it so much!!love u too ah yap!!!muackss!!

ehhhee~~the green colour shirt mia xiao didi~~are force by kelly to kiss me~~if not!!jiu no cake eat~~=p

ok~~its time to take big family photo agn babe~~

awwwww......hw much i wishes tat i could upload the video they recorded 4 me i havent receive the copy yet!!!hope tat i can get tat copy soon!!

this is the present from,projie~hamster~~n jia ben~~!!love it soooo muchhh!!!!muackss!!!



long time i nvr update my blog d hoh~~?
paixie la~~~haha~~nvmnvm~~i m going to tel u wat happened tis few day hah~~


comecome i tel u~~=p
YEA BABE!MY 19th BDAY!!!!!

in this yr~all my lovely jimui juz make me feel lik my birthday is not onli 1 day! its 2 day!!omg~~~n they juz makes me almost hav heart attack~~in this 2 day!!OMG!i love u all!!!!

ok~~~the story begin my dear~~
lets c some comic^^

1stttt~~~my bendan lou gong.....

yayaya!!!this man this man!!

come fetch me this stupid miao 1st~~~

we decided to go midvalley n eat zanmaai^^
dunno wat happened to midvalley!
issshhh!all car park FULL!!!!
sososo.........we mai go bck topyramid lu~~waste time!!!
we cant c movie d lu??!! zanmai oli luuuu...


weeelll~~~after finish eating zanmai~~
we go fetch this two biji lenglui~~~

& go puchong eat SHABU-SHABU~~!!!^^
i tot kelly & ann will appear there 2gater~
but due to some reason...they cant dinner wif us~=(
so left us 4 biji oli la~~
bt nvm~~~happy enough oledi^^

ok well...............
i tot tat my bday will end lik this....
u all have the same feeling too rite???
we r WRONGGGG!!!!!!!

arnd 11pm~~~
"jiejie!!!!ur fon!!!!!"
i wonder hu will call my hoz fon=.=
but i guess there were onli 1 person will call my hoz...

AT 1ST...he was juz wishing me happy bday~~~n say alot of fei hua~~~
bt GUESS wat??
HE IS USING LOUDSPEAKER & suk ling,cia,& nice were there hearing wat we talking!!!

OMGGG!!!hw can they stop themself from laughing until i cant even realize anythingg??!!!
FOUR of u aaaa~~!!!!!T.T
ok cyy ask me wan to c hu on my bday~~ok lor i tot he was juz simply joking~~
so i ma say 4 of them lur~~~then after 10min of fon chatting....he say he wan go find gal d~~so we cut the fon off~~

den abt 10min ltr~~
"gring~~ gring~~"
wat happened to tis yy a!!
he called me agn...
"eh siewsin u come down awhile"
"i gt present 4 u...but my kai gor help me to gave u"
"red colour hair 1 a"
at 1st i dun blieve at all...
den he say
"faster kai gor red hair patient 1 a!!"

.......................ok!i jiu go down n c....if no a....u r gonna dieeee!!!!!
so...i decided to went down n take a look....
when i get down....n open the stupid lock....

whole bunch of "human" suddenly sing bday song!
n come wif a bday cakeee!!!!
the 1st ppl i saw is SUK LING!!!
hw come they r here??they stay so far!

den i saw tiffany,brian n shaun!
omg!!!1st time they r here 4 my bday!
i m juz so touchhhhh!
hey u all r so "gu wak" aaaaa~~
but i juz love u all so much!
den i hav my wishes~
blow the candle off~
n invite the to my hoz n we chitchat until almost 1am~~^^
*ah the piano part...i juz skip la~~=p*
our family pic^^

saw the black black thing on my nose??tats not dirty thing a~~~
its chocolate cakes stain~~they ask me use mouth to pick the candle up...tis is the traditional things tat the bday person muz do~~XD

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!u all a!!!!i tel u all!!!!!


Saturday, November 20, 2010


15 NOVEMBER 2010!!!!!!

HHEE~~~~damm happy nehh!!my little bendan lougong....
yupyup!!!this 1 this 1

Buahahahaha~~~!!!=p~~~his face sure bcum lik tat when he noe i post this picture~~~XPXP

he....he...he..........he cook me FRIED RICE!!!!!

OMG!!!SAW IT???!!!FRIED RICE~~!!1st time he cook fried rice to feed me nehh~~^^

HHEE~~~~^^damm nice maaaan~~^^V
thx lou gong~~~!!
I love u sososososo damm damm much~~~^^

Sunday, October 17, 2010

gold hair doesnt mean i m a bad gal=.=

WOOWW~~~long time nvr update my blog~~~*shy*paixie la~~~imma a damm lazy mia gal~~~hhee~~~

There was something happened YTD!!!
location : my mama salloon~~
character : me,my mama,a stupid aunty, & her daughter
incase u all confuse when reading the dialogue
i m in purple
my mum is in yellow
the aunty is in blue
& her daughter is in green
peace V^^V

okayy~~story start by i was sitting down at my mama salloon mia cashier as usual~~plying wif my lappee~
*facebook-millionaire city*=p
& my mama was busying helping her customer to dye her hair~~
*london brigde is falling down~~falling down~~*
the door bell ring~here come the customer ~so i open the door 4 her ~

there was 2 person...1 aunty wif her daughter....wif a vely vely lanci face...~.~
so ...nvm~~
"excuse me~~hmm...wat do u want??""i ask wif a bigbig smile^^

"hmm...u dun rmb me??nneehhh~~~tat aunty always cum when u still a little gal....tis is my daughter~~u used to call her 'jiejie' 1 a?""

**questioned mark everywhere**


"..................."*her over reaction juz makes me speechless*=.==.=

FINALLYY!!!!my mom notice tat i was feeling abit nt haappy wif tat so she called me go do other things 1st....ofcoz i ran away as faster as i could...*PHEW~~*
hmm~~when i was done wif those thing mama ask me to do...i went bck to salloon & sit there continue wif my lappee game~~ =3

tat aunty talk to my mummy wif a loud voice...
asking her "hw olds ur daughter nw???"

"oh she was born in 91...."

"ohden she is smaller den my daughter 3 yr!"
*which means her daughter is 22 yr old~*
"ltr she is going for piano clazz^^"


"oh my daughter is alredy grade 6~"

my mom was in a impatient face already

"do u noe hw many grade piano hav??8!my daughter is already 6!she is going to done it soon!

"ooh oohhh~~~great!nt bad nt bad!"

"why dont u let ur daughter go learn piano also??den she wont bcome so naughty lik nw...u c hair....sommore a person who learn piano her temper will bcom better juz lik my daughter.........blablablablablabla.....""

finally she stop talking...
"she is learning piano oso a..." my mom said

"huh???juz started izzit??"

she look at me
"wat grade r u ?grade 3??"

"aa??erm....u mean nw?"

wif a impatient face

"oo....diploma in teaching"

look at her daughter
"wat izzit??nvr heard b4?"

her daughter
"i heard my teacher said"

"wat izzit??"
looking bck at me

"oo....after done wif my grade 8 i continue in this lo....when i get the cert i can teach ppl already...wan me teach ur daughter ??free for u!!^^"

wif a honest BIG SMILE!!!=p

"..................."her face turn blck INSTANLY!
MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!*laugh in my heart~~~~*

"OOH mama i go in my room 1st a~~~"

"OK MY DEAR~~~"wif a evil smile on my mummy face too~~!!=p


Thursday, August 26, 2010

26/8/2010 to graduATE from CAT this timee.......
bt i wont give up~i will try my best for the cuming dec.....
my me^^
dun worry about me^^i will be juz fine=)
& for all my fren tat continue in ACCA...GAMBATEHHHH!!!!!!^^

Thursday, July 15, 2010

this words means a lots to me...
i dun simply call some1 as ji mui...
i only cal a person "jimui" as i treat her as my best friend...
mayb for u...there is onli 3 of u is so call"jimui"
& i m nt including in it...
but for me...u all r my best friend...

i noe she wun be interested to have a look at my blog...
coz she will only busying on stalking some1...
so tats ok for me to express it here...
mayb she is juz thinking that...
"i done ntg,siewsin wan angry juz let her,non of my biz"
or juz
"so little thing,dunno y siewsin wanna take it so serious,small gas ppl"
"dun need to care de la...she will 4gt abt it"

well...i m nt mad...i m nt angry...i m nt really beh shuang or wateva...
i juz feel damm sad n dissapointed...
as my jimui lie to me?
u all hav a plan...
dind't plan to include me as part of it...
its ok for me...
i wun be angry...
bt y is she trying to hide it fromme?

when u all r planning...icame close...
u all can still plan it infront of me...
i juz wants to share information or wanna noe wats happen...
as i noe tat place is sso far n i noe u all r nt inviting me for wateva reason...
i wun be damm thick faces to follow u all...
so WTH she sked??
do u noe hw ur face n ur eyes look lik when i ask u ?
its so obvious...
if nt 1 of u tel me u all hav a plan...i think i wun be able to noe...
tats wat u wan rite??
even until the last min i still hoping tat u all can juz tel me wats ur plan...
it does nt mean tat i wants to follow,i juz dun und y u all wants to hide it...
bt then...i was disappointed...
ok...obviously...she hate me...?

y i will think tat much?i can juz pretend tat ntg happen...i dunno anything...
and when jessica told me the reasons...
i agreed wif her...
if i nvr treat u as my best friend...even if ur name appear on the newspaper headline i oso dun fucking care abt it...
i cares abt so small thing is juz bcoz i really think tat u ARE 1 of my best friend...

u all can always plans excluding me...i dun care...
bt pls dun lie me...its makes me feel lik we r nt friend at all...