Saturday, April 30, 2011

arghhhh!!i m soso sorryy~!!

i've been sososososo damm lazyyyy for there few month right after dec of 201o=p
ahahaha new sem here=p
times flies~~its already 30th of i haven post anything yet in 2011...
from nw on i m going to post whats happened arnd me in these few month=p
reaaallii damm paixie for these late post=p

1st post~~awww i m going to start from my january~~

11th january__my 1 year anniversary wif my little cuttie felicia saw!
awww~~~~our anniversary were remind by facebook notification=p
we were in a relationship in fb for 1 yr already=3
p.s.even my bf oso ntyt 1 yr anniversary nia=p
ahaha so happy that our friendship nvr be affected even that we were seperate in different claz~~!yo!!
hope that we will celebrate our 2nd...3rd......4th..............n so on anniversary yea~!!
muacks~~!!!!!love ya felicia saw pei rou~~!!!

so~~we decided go sing k n celebrate~~~
ohya~we went to toilet bowl for lunch~those thing....hmm...nt realli nice compared to kimgary=p
~bt decogration nt bad ^^

in neway>>p.s.service sucks~!^^

random stuff>>yy n brian=pour memories~~~<3<3

more posts r coming up(for the past few month=.=)~^^stay tune~~

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